You have learn the importance of sentiment analysis, sentiment analysis using Python, and the VADER Sentiment package. Now, let’s look at the TextBlob package for sentiment analysis.

If you haven’t look at the part 1, please kindly check that first by clicking this. If you have, let’s go!

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We have cover step 1, 2, and 3. The first step covers the installation of the package and IDE. The second step covers importing the necessary package. The third step covers the VADER Sentiment Package. Now, let’s continue our journey to step 4!

STEP 4 : TextBlob Sentiment Analysis

TextBlob has a lot of function. TextBlob can do…

Python web crawling selenium package and web scrapping BeautifulSoup package can give you a movie recommendation you want to watch without reading all the reviews

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Have you ever want to watch a movie or start binge watching a new tv shows but you don’t know whether it is good or bad. You can see the rating, but sometimes the rating is bias. That leave us to the reviews. The reviews give us a more in-depth sentiment about how people perceived the movie or the tv show. But who have time to read the reviews anyway?

As a programmer, we can…

Sentiment analysis is very important to know for businesses this days. The easiest way to conduct sentiment analysis is from text or review. We will be testing the two most common sentiment analysis from text examples.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis : Negative, Neutral, and Positive

Read the following text :

“I love this movie so much!”

Compare the text above with this :

“I hate that movie so much!”

Which one is more positive?

The first one right?? But how do we know? We know that because our brain have a memory about a positive word and negative word. How do we know that the first sentence is a…

So you have learn programming , what’s next?

Hello everyone! Welcome to my article about coding project ideas. This is for beginners who like to test their new skill about your programming language. First of all, let me introduce my self. I’m just a beginner who’s trying to learn about python. So, i also still learning my way through python. I learn python to focus on data science and machine learning. My end goal is to be a data scientist. So, if you are just like me, hit me up on instagram!

Programming Languages

First of all, i think python is one…

Data Science has many steps and pathways. Here’s some of the journey that data scientist take to finish his/her jobs.

This is data science for dummies part 1. For part 1 you can click here. In part 1, i explain to you what is data science using a venn diagram. In part 2, we are going to take the journey of a data scientist.

From :

Data science play a key role in everyday life, but not many people aware of what are the steps or the journey that data scientist do in their jobs. If you want to become a data scientist, you have to know what are the steps to do their jobs. This data science steps can be divided…

What the hell is data science you might ask? You come to the right article my online friend!

This is the first part of my data science for dummies series. If you like the content, make sure to follow and give a clap!

Data science is so happening right now. Many company have a job vacancies in data science and coding bootcamps start to make courses about data science. Data science is considered the hottest job right now and many industry require more and more data science.

This brings the question : Why data science are such in a high demand?

The world is constantly changing and moving. The internet is the center of it all. The internet…

Interested in learning machine learning? Here’s the steps!

This is the part 3 of my series “Machine learning for dummies”. If you want to check the other part, click part 1 and part 2.

So, you already know about the types of machine learning. The next question is how to learn machine learning? What’s the tools to do machine learning? Here are the three things you need to know to learn machine learning (especially if you don’t have an IT background like me).

1. Python (Programming Language)

Time to know what the heck is the types of machine learning!

This is the part 2 of my series about machine learning for beginners. If you want to look at my first part (difference between AI and machine learning), you can click here.

So, you already know the difference between machine learning and AI. Basically, machine learning is a field of AI. In AI, the instructions or rules are input manually and in machine learning, the machine learn the rules or instructions by it self form data. In this article, i’m gonna focus on machine learning.

3 Types of Machine Learning

1. Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is the first and the very basic type of machine learning. In supervised…

The world is changing! At least that’s what all the headline news says.

There’s a lot of articles about AI, machine learning, and many other machine. Not only that, but there’s also deep learning. What the heck is that? Don’t worry, here’s an article to take you to the very, very introduction of machine learning. To start learning machine learning, I’m gonna try to demystify all of that AI and machine learning stuff to you starting with what the heck is the difference between AI and machine learning?

AI Basic

Basically, AI is an artificial intelligence. Machine that act intelligently to solve a problem. A basic example is a program to identify fever. If your…

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